Why are rigid bodies useful?

Rigid-bodies have been shown to be useful in low-resolution fitting of models cryoEM maps. Hierarchical approaches, such as Flex-EM, break models down into ever smaller rigid bodies. This helps prevent models from becoming trapped in density and has been shown to improve the fit of models overall.

What version of DSSP and RNAVIEW do you use?

This web server is currently running version 3 of DSSP. Version 4 of DSSP developed by the PDB-REDO team. The code is available here. We do not use it because it is far less permissive about the formatting of PDB files.

We use the version of RNAVIEW which is available here.

Does this work on DNA as well?


Can I run RIBFIND2 on my own computer?

Of course. RIBFIND2 itself can be installed directly from PyPI using the pip command. See here for instructions.